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Latest Reviews
  • Alexzarn - 21-02-2018 9:49:47 pm
    Kuzzy that's a well written review I'll have to watch it now.
  • trinity99 - 21-02-2018 2:40:42 pm
    10 /10
    @Hyperspeed you can't change what ppl think same way that you can't change the fact that his a fucking joke but hey,let him dig his grave,it's hilarious to see how deep his willing to go
  • trinity99 - 21-02-2018 2:31:50 pm
    haha this prymetyme dude is crazy out of his mind he also said that i was nevertheless just because i called him out,it's the same dude xxthedoctor and prymetym same IP lol
  • kaylem - 21-02-2018 1:54:22 pm
    10 /10
    best show this year!!!
  • greenapple333 - 21-02-2018 1:17:38 pm
    Jesus wtf!!! i can't read shit except this dumb fight prymetyme and kids plz stop so the rest of us can't enjoy the site thanks
  • nevertheless - 21-02-2018 1:07:41 pm
    prymetyme and xxthedoctor are the one and same person you're ridiculous but thanks for the laughs tho anyways you kids have fun ;)
  • nevertheless - 21-02-2018 1:04:44 pm
    omg you're so fucking retarded i don't have 10 different accounts dude you really have to spot projecting prymtyme the xxdoctor you're not fooling anyone either as for you niki slut mind your own shit shit since you can't even write write properly i don't spend the whole day on this shit like you guys,bunch of sad jokers
  • Hyperspeed718 - 21-02-2018 12:56:30 pm
    what is wrong with you man fuck you i wrote on on this coz that's what i'm watching right now i just replied to your shit i'mnot nevertheless ass hole and trust me you're the fucking creep here keep my name outta your stupid mouth you delusional retard
  • Nik1234 - 21-02-2018 11:54:42 am
    Lol, I see a new argument on here everyday and nevertheless is always involved, telling people to get a life whilst spending all their time on here telling people to kill themselves, It's all so pointless.
  • prymetyme - 21-02-2018 11:34:24 am
    nevertheless (aka hyperspeed), you're such a retard who posted in the wrong place, Again. Your stupid multiple accounts trace back to the same ip address. Nevertheless = foreverthedumb.
  • Hyperspeed718 - 21-02-2018 9:49:58 am
    lol don't drag me into your petty shit man,you're like an angry kid with acne chill out...
  • darkharvest - 21-02-2018 5:17:51 am
    s6 e7 www.speedvid.net/hjubk7lm780m
  • prymetyme - 20-02-2018 12:06:05 pm
    @hyperspeed stfu nevertheless, again. It's a gang of nevertheless defending nevertheless. Account HISTORY of the poorly educated clones. You hop accounts to support yourself. Desperate to the extreme. Here comes attack of the clones, but I don't value playing kids games. Like nevertheless who forgot to graduate high school correctly. You lost.
  • nevertheless - 20-02-2018 11:27:37 am
    moving on....this is getting better by the minute love it
  • nevertheless - 20-02-2018 11:24:16 am
    Lmaooo you're probably a creepy ass dude behind his computer all day long eating junk,you're probably the retarded hight schooler with no friends that's why you come here,so you can feel important or so you think lol you're a joke prytyme the doctor.have a nice life loser hyperspeed is right no time for that shit some of us have real lives with real ppl in it go kill yourself
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